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What is the difference between a commercial water purifier and a household water purifier

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Update time : 2021-09-10 15:03:39
Water pollution has become a matter of concern in modern life, and water pollution caused by environmental pollution has become more and more serious. As a result, water use has become a problem that requires great attention and attention. The emergence of water purifiers has greatly improved the water quality of domestic water. Now many occasions where drinking water is required have been installed with water purifiers. Let us take you to know about commercial water purifiers.
1. What is a commercial water purifier?
Commercial water purifiers are actually an extension of household water purifiers. The more direct manifestation is that the water output is larger than that of household water purifiers. It is a purified water that can meet the direct drinking water (boiling water, room temperature water, ice water) needs of more than 20 people. product. Commercial water purifiers are mainly used in public and commercial places, such as government agencies, office buildings, hospitals, schools, restaurants, hotels, airports, etc. At present, the sources of drinking water for many enterprises are: bottled water, large and small water boilers. Commercial water purifiers provide users with fresh, safe, hygienic water that meets national requirements, and solve the problems of secondary pollution of bottled water such as unknown sources and excessive bacteria, as well as the problems of scale and "thousand boiling water" caused by the use of water boilers. The water heater does not need to be purchased, stored, or changed frequently, which brings a safer and healthier comfortable experience and work convenience to life.

2. What is the difference between a commercial water purifier and a household water purifier?
1. Different applications
There is little difference between commercial water purifier products and household water purifier products. The biggest "difference" between the two is "the size of the water output is different." In general, commercial water purifier products target a larger audience, so the water production per unit time is also higher. Because of the higher requirements for water output and water quality, the system is relatively complex. In addition, considering the need for installation and wiring, the process is more complicated than that of household use, especially in the configuration of water consumption and safe water treatment.

Commercial water purifiers are generally installed in commercial, public places, and drinking points where water is easy to take. The choice of installation location is based on the original tap water pipeline, and at the same time consider whether it is convenient to drink water, convenient to drain, convenient to use electricity, convenient to maintain, whether to freeze and crack in cold weather, and whether it is coordinated with the overall space and is beautiful, and avoid children to touch .

2. Different requirements for water purifiers
 Commercial water purification sites are quite different from ordinary household water purification environments.

Commercial water purification and drinking water characteristics
(1) The water use time period is more concentrated, and there are multiple drinking water peaks every day: every commercial water purification site has a certain water use cycle. The drinking water characteristics of ordinary commercial office buildings are mainly reflected in: drinking water time is relatively concentrated, and the time before work and rest is Peak drinking water period. The peak drinking water period is a good test of the water production efficiency of commercial water purifier equipment (peak water output). Once the water output per unit time of the water purifier cannot meet the peak drinking water demand, the business needs to consider replacing the water purifier equipment.

(2) The number of people drinking water is larger, and the total daily water consumption is larger: Compared with ordinary household water treatment, commercial office places (such as office buildings, hospitals, schools, restaurants, restaurants, hotels) have a larger scale of drinking water. The total amount of water used is more. Taking an ordinary office building as an example, the purpose of installing a water purifier is probably to solve the drinking water problem of all business tenants in the entire office building. The amount of water needed every day is likely to be several times or even dozens of times that of ordinary households. As for public places such as airports and stations with constant flow of people, there is no need to talk about the demand for water consumption.

(3) Water purification equipment needs to be more durable: the application field of commercial water purifier equipment is often in public places. Once the equipment fails, it cannot continue to work or the filter element is damaged and the water quality deteriorates. The scope of influence is larger and the number of people involved is larger. And this situation is the last thing commercial water purifier buyers want to see. Therefore, the "product quality" and "durability" of commercial water purifier equipment is also a very important evaluation index.

(4) Higher water quality requirements: Solving the problem of drinking water safety and obtaining high-quality direct drinking water is our ultimate goal in purchasing water purifiers. Commercial water purifier equipment requires higher requirements. The number of people drinking water in the commercial water purification field is larger. Once the water quality safety issues, the scope will be wider and the responsibilities involved will be greater. This is also the most troublesome problem for the purchasers of commercial water purifier equipment. Many commercial water purifiers produce a large amount of water, but the water filtered out after testing is extremely poor, and the water is only primary filtered. This situation is very common in commercial water purifier products. Therefore, in the field of commercial water purification, the requirements for "water quality", "water output" and durability of water purifier products are higher.

Commercial water purifiers can not only provide safe and clean drinking water for companies, schools and other places, but in the long run, they can probably save more than 50% of costs for companies. The installation of commercial water purifiers can also enhance the corporate image, show the company's care for employees, and enhance the loyalty of employees, which is a good thing with multiple birds.
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