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Is it necessary to install a whole house water purification system?

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Update time : 2022-03-25 15:55:10
In today's urban society, the situation of tap water pollution is becoming more and more serious. Drinking fresh and healthy water quality has become an urgent need for the majority of residents. Faced with this situation, many businesses have launched a variety of whole-house water purification systems. However, the penetration rate of the whole-house water purification system in China is not high, and many residents still have doubts about it. This article will analyze the effect of the whole-house water purification system.

The composition of the whole house water purification system
To understand the effect of the whole house water purification system, we must first know the composition of the whole house water purification system. A complete whole house water purification system consists of a pre-filter, a central water purifier, a central water softener and a terminal direct drink The machine is composed of four major parts. They deal with domestic water and drinking water according to the different needs of household water. Let us analyze the effects of these household water purifiers one by one.

Pre-filter effect analysis

The pre-filter is usually installed after the water meter of the inlet pipe, and it is the first coarse filtration equipment for the whole house water. It can filter sediment, rust, and large particulate matter in tap water, and is the nemesis of secondary pollution.
Pre-filter function:

1. Solve the secondary pollution of pipelines, remove solid impurities, and reduce water pollution diseases;

2. Protect the safety of the pipeline system, and also play a positive role in faucets, plumbing, water heaters, boilers, central air conditioners, washing machines, dishwashers, coffee machines and other water appliances (water purifiers, pure water machines, water softeners), etc. Protective effects.

3. Effectively filter municipal pipe network pollution, roof water tank pollution, pipeline aging, water tank leakage, rust or rust-proof paint peeling off of the water tank itself, sediment, insect and animal carcasses, parasites, free residual chlorine for disinfection, etc.;

Analysis of the effect of the central water purifier

The central water purifier can remove large particles of impurities such as rust, sediment and suspended solids, remove residual chlorine and water-soluble metals, remove organic compounds such as pesticides and insecticides, and remove carcinogens such as trihalomethane and carbon tetrachloride, effectively retaining Trace elements and minerals needed by the human body.
Central water purifier function:

1. Laundry and cleaning: effectively inhibit a variety of harmful bacteria in the water, cleaning fruits, vegetables, etc. is more secure, and washing clothes is cleaner;

2. Household and drinking: Make dishes and porcelain cleaner, effectively prolong the service life of other water appliances; make drinking water taste purer and water quality better.

3. Pipes and appliances: reduce energy consumption and increase the efficiency of water heaters by 30%; remove dirt in pipes and increase water flow and water pressure;

Analysis of the effect of the central water softener

The central water softener mainly solves the scale problem caused by hard water. Using the principle of ion exchange, the water softener can remove more than 99% of the hardness (water alkali), and can fully soften all the water in the family. Using soft water can effectively inhibit fungi Delaying skin aging is beneficial to life without any harm.

Central water softener function:

1. Laundry and cleaning: It can make clothes clean, soft and not easy to fade; reduce the amount of soap, detergents and other detergents;

2. Cleaning utensils and utensils: so that the washed bowls and tableware do not leave water stains; tableware, silverware and glass are pollution-free and more glossy;

3. Maintain pipes and equipment: reduce the hardness of water and avoid scale generation; improve the efficiency of hot water equipment and prolong the service life of equipment;

4. Washing and bathing: After bathing, shaving, and washing the face, the skin is moist and smooth; reduce the residue of soap on the bathtub and the skin.

Analysis of the Effect of Terminal Straight Drinking Machine

The direct drinking machine can filter out the solid impurities, colloids, organic matter, heavy metal ions, bacteria and other harmful substances in the water; retain the original trace elements and dissolved oxygen in the water; effectively remove various pesticides, lead, mercury, MTBE, PCBs, Toxaphene, VOCs pollution, residual chlorine and its by-products, etc. Realize home-made, ready-made and ready-to-drink, without the drawbacks of buying water and changing water in barrels, which are easy to contaminate. The equipment is directly connected to tap water, drinking on demand, fresh and clean.
The function of the terminal drinking machine:

1. The direct drinking machine can remove 100% of macromolecular substances such as rust, colloid, organic matter, bacteria and viruses in tap water, making the water fresher and more delicious.

2. The water produced by the direct drinking machine retains the right amount of minerals and trace elements such as potassium, calcium, sodium, iron and so on required by the human body in the water, and is rich in active oxygen, which is easily absorbed and utilized by human cells and is beneficial to human health.

What is the effect of the whole house water purification system? Through the above analysis, we know that the whole house water purification system consists of four parts: pre-filter, central water purifier, central water softener and terminal direct drinking machine. All water systems have a treatment and optimization effect on water quality, but their characteristics are different. The water quality treated by each system is also different, and users can also freely choose a combination of installation, such as pre-filter + straight drinking machine, pre-filter + water purifier and so on. However, installing a complete whole-house water treatment system will make the water cleaner and healthier, and the drinking water more delicious and safe. Therefore, it is recommended that residents who permit it choose to install a complete central water purification system.
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