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Shopee cross-border e-commerce-issues that newbies care about

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Update time : 2021-11-22 13:57:12
1. Is it suitable for novices to be cross-border stores or local stores?
People often ask me this question recently, so I can answer it in a unified way. I wrote an article before about the difference between local stores and cross-border stores. You can click on the blue font to check it out.
For local shops, if you can solve the problem of delivery and payment, then it doesn't matter if novices go to local shops.
Cross-border stores do a drop shipping problem, the freight forwarding charges are transparent, and the end of the journey is the official logistics of the shop. If there is a problem, you can claim compensation. The local shops are the channels of the service providers. Test yourself to find a good service provider.
Receiving payments, cross-border stores, even if you are a store you bought, as long as you bring your parent-child account, you can bind your own payment method. However, local stores usually withdraw cash by taking orders or binding other people's bank cards. Therefore, you need to find a more reliable service provider to withdraw cash.
A few days ago, someone added to my WeChat and asked if I could get back the thousands of ringgits he lost. I don't think the hope is great.
2. How to enter the shop.
To enter the shop, you need a business license. Individual businesses or companies are all possible.
The difference between the two is that individual industrial and commercial households can only open Taiwan as their first stop, and they need to provide domestic trade e-commerce flow.
The company's first site can open one of three options from Taiwan, Malaysia, and the Philippines.
After opening the first site, your other operations are the same.
All you need to do is to update yourself, download corporate WeChat, complete newbie tasks, and connect with operations managers. It does not take special care of you just because you are the company's business license.
Moreover, the company's business license, relatively speaking, you will need to file taxes later, which will increase your additional burden.
3. Issues related to the weekly report.
I wrote an article before that I would often publish weekly reports. At that time, I didn't know why Xiaopi didn't upload the weekly reports to his website.
Now I don’t publish the weekly report, because Xiaopi will upload the weekly report directly to the official website, and the method of obtaining the weekly report has become very simple. So there is no need to toss.
4. Questions about re-opening stores.
If the business license is repeated to enter the store, it will probably prompt such a red letter.
If the phone number is repeated, Xiaopi will also prompt the repeat directly.
Therefore, the shop closure of Xiaopi every month will prompt the reason for repeated entry. However, there is no specific reason for calling in the past and the seller can only guess the reason for the violation.
If you have multiple stores that are not registered with one business license, it is recommended that each store have a fixed ip address to log in, and some key information, such as the return address, should not be written exactly the same.
But when it comes to this, someone will smash me, I only have this one address, how to write a different address.
In fact, this is a cognitive problem. You write your address in front of it correctly, and the latter is purely to make up the number of characters, you can write it casually. Shopee detection is not manual detection. If you have so many different texts, it is not an address.
5. Let's just say so much. Many people have asked me if I can make shrimp skin lately, or if it is not a blue ocean.
In fact, there are still many newcomers who do Taobao refined operations with a monthly income of 30,000. I will find them for you to update later. As long as you do it with your heart, Xiaopi is not a big problem, at least enough for your development in the next three to five years.
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