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The water purifier needs to replace the filter element regularly

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Update time : 2021-10-08 15:48:13
As people demand healthy drinking water, more and more water purifiers called "water home improvement" are entering thousands of households, but did you know? Water purifiers are very different from many home appliances in terms of service life and maintenance.
Water purifier filter element
As we all know, the filter element is equivalent to the "heart" of the water purifier, so choosing the right filter element is the key. There are split filter elements and integrated filter elements on the market now. The advantage of the split filter element is energy saving and environmental protection. The disadvantage is that there are sanitary corners in the filter housing, which is easy to cause secondary pollution; the advantage of the integrated filter element is that it is convenient to replace the element and can avoid secondary pollution, but the cost of replacing the element must be considered. Among the various parts of the water purifier, the core component "filter element" needs to be replaced regularly to ensure the normal use of the water purifier. If there is no routine maintenance and replacement, the water purification function will basically be lost, and even more serious pollution will occur.

What are the hazards of the filter element after overdue use?
Water purifier filter element
The water purification effect is significantly weakened

When the filter element reaches a saturated state, pollutants adhere to the surface of the filter element to block the pores, resulting in a small amount of water, affecting the filtration of water, and reducing the "purity" of the purified water. Drinking such incompletely filtered water may absorb some harmful impurities into the body and bring filtration burden to the kidney. Once the impurities cannot be filtered effectively, they will slowly and slowly accumulate in people's bodies.

Can't soften water

After the expiration of service, the filter element cannot soften the water quality and remove the chlorine, peculiar smell, and heavy metals in the water due to the saturation state. And PH<6.5 is weakly acidic, which seriously affects water quality.

No longer inhibits bacterial growth

If the activated carbon filter element has not been replaced after the expiration date, the saturated filter element cannot inhibit the growth of bacteria in the water, and it is easy to make the water purifier a "sewage device".

Overload work, progressive damage

Everyone knows that the water purifier filters step by step, and the function of the previous filter element is weakened, which will bring pressure to the next filter element, causing the next filter element to overload, which will aggravate and shorten its life. In the same situation, the filter element that was originally expected to be replaced after two years should be replaced after less than two years. By analogy, the life of all filter elements will be greatly shortened.

Therefore, it is very important to replace the filter element regularly.
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