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Tips for purchasing pre-water filters

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Update time : 2021-10-23 11:54:38
Water is closely related to our lives, and the quality of water used in daily life is a problem that many people pay special attention to. Household water purification equipment can filter and purify the water quality of our daily life, which can effectively improve our quality of life and enhance the happiness of life. However, there are many types of household water purification equipment, and the water purification effects they achieve are also very different. Today I want to talk to you about the more common one in household water purification equipment-the pre-filter.

The pre-filter is generally installed at the forefront of the household waterway, which is the first checkpoint of household water purification. The pre-filter acts as a rough filter for the water quality and can filter out large particles of impurities in the water. It can not only reduce the burden on the back-end wading appliances, but also prolong the service life of the wading appliances. There are roughly three types of pre-filters.

The first type: direct mode

The pre-filter of the direct flush mode generally follows the flow of tap water and penetrates through the inner wall to the outer layer, allowing large particles such as sand and sand in the water to be intercepted by the membrane pores, and finally complete the direct flush to coarsely filter the water quality. The direct-flushing pre-filter has obvious disadvantages, that is, if the quality of the tap water is too poor, too many impurities are trapped in the membrane pores, which will easily cause blockage and cause secondary pollution of the water quality.

The second type: recoil mode

The biggest difference between recoil mode and direct flush mode is: recoil mode uses reverse water flow to flush, so that the pressure of tap water penetrates from the inner wall to the outer wall, and large particles of impurities are trapped on the filter screen. The recoil mode has obvious advantages compared with the straight mode. It not only ensures that the filter is not easily blocked by a large number of interceptions, but also flushes more cleanly, which greatly avoids secondary pollution.

The third type: siphon mode

The siphon mode is different from the previous two modes. It is an external pressure type that allows tap water to penetrate from the outer wall to the inside, so that large particles of impurities are intercepted when passing through the membrane. It is a pity that this mode will easily cause the membrane to be blocked by the trapped impurities, and will also affect the flushing effect. The flushing is not clean, and it will affect the water quality of the subsequent water flow.

Through analysis and comparison, I believe you have found that among these three types of pre-filters, the recoil mode pre-filter is relatively more practical, but the price of this type of pre-filter is higher than the other two. Some, so we can consider the actual situation and needs when purchasing, such as budget, local water quality and other factors, there is no need to blindly pursue high-priced products.

If the water quality in your area is better, there are fewer impurities in the water, and the chance of the pre-filter being blocked is greatly reduced, then the direct-flush pre-filter is also a good choice. If the water quality in the area is poor, the back-flushing pre-filter is the first choice. Although the price is slightly more expensive, it is worthwhile to avoid the clogging of the filter and the secondary pollution of the water quality.
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