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Water purifier: from "trust" to "market", do a good job in the industry of conscience

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Update time : 2021-09-14 11:23:05
It stems from the barbaric growth in the early stage of water purification, exaggerated marketing, threatening marketing, after-sales service that no one cares about, and so on. Of course, this is mainly a crisis of trust caused by the "conference sales" model. The marketing channels and systems of industry brand enterprises are still worthy of trust. However, China's vast fourth- and fifth-tier markets have a large population base and a large spread. The negative impact caused by them cannot be underestimated. This is the reality that we water purifiers should face directly. Compared with rural areas, urban residents' doubts about water purification mainly come from their ignorance of products and doubts about the effects of water purification. They also need to build trust, popularize water purification knowledge and experience products.

From the road to simplicity, return to products and services
After these years of product upgrading and market cultivation, the concept of water purification has basically been embedded in the minds of consumers, but consumption has not formed a unified cognition in the choice of products and brands. It shows that the market has immature cognition of products and brands, and has not formed a national consumer brand. To a certain extent, this reflects the relatively "equal opportunity" competition pattern in the water purification market. Brand concentration is not high, and there is a chance to become a strong regional brand and build brand trust in the local market. We have seen that unknown brands that continue to focus on product upgrades and customer experience have emerged in some regional markets and have formed a reputation for word-of-mouth effects. The effect of "referring" customers with their own traffic has already appeared.

Pay attention to marketing quality and then seek marketing quantity
Whether it is to attract investment or to face users, water purification urgently needs to focus on the quality of marketing. To develop distributors, we need to “get on the horse and get a ride”. From product knowledge to after-sales service training, from store construction to marketing activities, we need a complete operation system to support distributors in their operations and management, and to ensure that they are a success. A strong family. In the face of users, we need to maintain stickiness, standardize services, and respond efficiently. Make every family satisfied and have a good experience. Only by achieving high-quality marketing can we build a nest to attract more dealers and attract more dealers to join. Only when the user experience is good can the effect of word-of-mouth be formed, and a strong regional brand can be formed, and the trust system will naturally be established.

Popularize water purification knowledge and develop scientific drinking habits
Due to old concepts and drinking habits over the years, coupled with the specious understanding of water inherent in consumers' minds, consumers have doubts about the effect of water purification. The industry needs to form a consistent, scientific and objective knowledge of water purification to convey to consumers. It cannot sell its own products by slandering and attacking opponents, confuse the audience, and give users the confidence and ability to choose independently. There is no doubt that consumers who have used formal water purification products have a good user experience, indicating that the water purifier is an indispensable home appliance product. Technology changes life, this sentence has been vividly reflected in the product manufacturer of water purifiers.

Trust is an indispensable conscience of a business society. Every water purifier must be a responsible and sentimental evangelist, treating customers and consumers as relatives. With good products and good services, the water purification industry will not be disappointed.
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