Aicksn C4-400 Water Filtration System Commercial Use Large Flow for Coffee Shop Hotel Eatery Restaurant

C4-400 commercial use Large flow water filtration system for coffee shop hotel eatery restaurant water filter

Model: C4-400

Inner filter: ACF high-efficiency composite activated carbon fiber

Purified water flow: 32-50L/min (depend on water p

C4-400 commercial use Large flow water filtration system for coffee shop hotel eatery restaurant water filter


Model: C4-400

Inner filter: ACF high-efficiency composite activated carbon fiber

Purified water flow: 32-50L/min (depend on water pressure)

Capacity:36,000 gallons /136 tons /7200 barrels of water.

Filter replace time:12-18months

Water inlet and outlet: 3/4

Water pressure requirement: 0.1~0.6MPa

Working temperature: 4℃~40℃

Inlet water temperature: 5℃~38℃

Water inlet requirements: municipal tap water

Product size: 380X350X620MM

Advantages and features:

Large flow and high processing capacity,can meet the water demand of more users;

Japan imported carbon fiber filter element not only has the inherent characteristics of activated carbon,but also has the soft process ability of textile fiber.

The unfolded area of the surface filter surface is 6 times larger than that of ordinary carbon rods. the filter element contains AG loaded silver, which has a very good filtering effect.

Efficient removal of heavy metals and residual chlorine adsorption capacity, longer filter life.

The filter element can be replaced quickly and easily, and the maintenance cost is low.


Application:eatery, restaurant,coffee shop, pearl milk tea shop,hotel, swimming pool filter , etc. 



coffee shop, pearl milk tea shop,hotel, eatery, restaurant,swimming pool filter , etc.



Filtration Performance




Remove suspended substances, Sludge,Micro-protozoa,Rust,and solid impurities like colloids.


03-06 Months


ATS Carbon filter

Remove Disinfection by-products, Humus,lead,residual chlorine,organic compounds,color,odor and turbidity


12-18 Months



 Reverse Osmosis Membrane

Reverse osmosis membrane filtration precision reach 0.001-0.0001 micron,only allows water molecules to pass through to the bacteria,virus,worm eggs,organic matter,heavy metal ions and so on can be 99.9% removed,retaining only the water molecules and the dissolved oxygen.Through reverse osmosis membrane water is pure water,can be drunk directly.




30-36 Months


Compressed Carbon Block

Nanofibers origami,2um precision a positive charge to remove virus and bacterial endotox in activated carbon rods,improve water quality taste.


12-20 Months

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