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Case Example
Xiamen Chinese Academy of Sciences
Xiamen Chinese Academy of Sciences, is located at 1799 Jimei Avenue, Xiamen City, Fujian Province, China. It was established on July 4, 2006. It is a corporate entity affiliated to the Chinese Academy of Sciences and is a research institution specializing in comprehensive urban environmental research.
The disciplines of the Institute include environmental chemistry and analytical chemistry, environmental economics and environmental management, ecology, environmental biology and biotechnology, environmental engineering and environmental materials; key research areas are: urban ecological health and environmental safety, urban environmental pollution control and Resource technology, urban environmental engineering and circular economy, urban ecological environment planning and management.
Aicksn provided the Chinese Academy of Sciences with a complete set of Aicksn module central commercial RO series products, which are equipped with ATS activated carbon fiber composite and RO membranes. Simple and safe, it meets the requirements of Xiamen Chinese Academy of Sciences for drinking water and research water. The Aicksn water purifier installed in the laboratory and lounge brings great convenience to the researchers!
Field installation pictures
Researchers use Aicksn purified water for scientific research activities

Aicksn water purifier installed in the laboratory

The researchers inspected the purified water to meet the standards of healthy drinking water and can be drunk directly. Affirmed and praised by researchers.

Researchers are receiving drinking water in the pantry

The complete set of commercial RO series water purification equipment greatly facilitates the use of drinking water and research water by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The choice of Aicksn by the Chinese Academy of Sciences is recognition and praise for the professionalism of Aicksn water purifiers. Aicksn is honored to be able to provide water purification services to national research institutions such as the Xiamen Chinese Academy of Sciences.