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Xiamen Ouge Digital Technology Co. Ltd.  is a foreign trade service provider for B-end enterprise in China. Committed to building an Internet sales platform based on the three healthy elements of "water", "air" and "sports". OuGe Digital adheres to the people-oriented concept, focuses on people health and well-being, and works with industry giants to integrate high-quality supplier resources to create three healthy ecosystems covering “water treatment”, “air purification” and “sports equipment”. To provide customers with more comprehensive, better quality and healthier products to meet the diverse health needs of customers and serve the development of enterprises, families and cities. While meeting people high requirements for health, it also innovatively provides a new way of life.
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Founded in 2008, AICKSN has been committed to the treatment and improvement of air, water and environment. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating OEM, ODM and independent brands. The company's R&D team conducted research and analysis on the world's environment and water quality, and developed the third generation of smart kitchen water purifiers in 2009, which improved the drinking water safety of users. AICKSN has always followed the brand culture of "confidence", "conscience" and "grateful heart" to produce healthy and safe domestic water. So far, more than 100 million households around the world are using the services and products provided by AICKSN. For drinking water, food waste disposer, water softening and other products, AICKSN meticulously builds intelligent purification solutions for the whole house.
25 / Oct
How to choose a water purifier scientifically?
what kind of water is healthier? Is drinking water as pure as possible? Teach you how to choose a water purifier scientifically?
03 / Dec
From tap water to direct drinking water What is the role of a water purifier?
In the process from tap water to direct drinking water, what is the role of a water purifier as a household terminal water purification equipment?
03 / Dec
Demystify the secret of the popularity of Aicksn water purifier market.
Among many domestic and foreign brands, the sales of Aicksn water purifiers are among the best. Because the products are very cost-effective, they often appear out of stock.
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