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Case Example
Villa whole house water purification program
     With the improvement of living standards in recent years, there is a higher requirement for food, housing and transportation, and the quality and health of homes are increasingly favored by the majority of renovation owners. And a perfect living space is inseparable from ingenious design and perfect comfortable supporting equipment. Aicksn whole house water purification system equipment, an American whole house water purification expert, is committed to creating high-quality, comfortable and healthy, home life, not only If you have good water, you can enjoy the unique local style food, and you can experience the delicate, comfortable and healthy ultimate living water.

     Those who truly enjoy the high-end life of villas actually pursue a way of quality life. Domestic water is directly related to the quality of life. A healthy life requires not only drinking plenty of water, but also drinking good water. For villa families, installing whole-house water purification has become the first choice for luxury homes to enhance home comfort.

Villa whole house water purification program

     Many friends think that the purification of water at home is equivalent to the purification of drinking water, and that household water purification products can be used to solve drinking problems. Other domestic water in the villa does not need to be purified. This understanding is very limited. After 15 years of research on water, Dr. Martin Fox, a well-known American water expert and nutritionist, pointed out in his book "Healthy Water" in 2000: "Volatile chemicals borne by the whole body (For example, residual chlorine) can be roughly divided into: 1/3 oral intake, 2/3 intake through the skin and respiratory tract during washing or bathing." (Note: "2/3 through the skin and respiratory tract during washing or bathing Intake". The human body’s various ways of ingesting harmful substances determine that it is not enough to pay attention to the purification of drinking water.) Aicksn whole house water purification, originated from the United States, the world’s first pre-filter inventor, American whole house water purification experts, serving tens of millions of household users, provide and meet the actual needs of household users with customized whole house water purification system solutions.

     1. Front water purifier
     Solving the problem of water pollution and various large-particle impurities, suspended solids, and silt from the source is the first protection for household water purification and provides families with an advantageous source of water purification.

     2. Central water purifier
     Purification of the whole house is further processed to effectively remove residual chlorine, different colors and odors and by-products in the water. After filtration, the water quality is clear and the heart is purely guarded, and the water safety of the whole family is fully protected.

     3. Central water softener
     Effectively remove calcium and magnesium ions in the water, soften the water quality, prevent pipeline blockage and equipment corrosion damage caused by scaling, provide comfortable water for daily use, delicate touch, beauty and skin care, clothing and textiles are as soft as new, and hair is comfortable and elegant. Washing becomes simple, economical and energy-saving.

     4. End water purifier
     High-quality imported coconut shell activated carbon, medical-grade UF membrane, effectively remove rust, sediment, residual chlorine, bacteria, viruses and other harmful substances in the water, economical and practical, and enjoy high-end quality of life!

     When designing the whole house water purification plan of the villa, choose according to the user's local water quality and water demand. Before the installation, Aicksn whole house water purification will arrange a professional installation engineer to visit the site, survey the site, locate and arrange the pipes according to the site conditions, so If there is a plan to install the water purification needs of the whole house, it needs to be planned in advance, and the installation location and power supply should be reserved to avoid unnecessary trouble in the later period.
     In addition, when installing the equipment, pay attention to sun protection and shading treatment, and the ambient temperature around the installation, especially in winter, pay attention to take anti-freeze protection measures.