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A water purifier can handle household water purification and direct drinking water needs

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Update time : 2022-01-20 16:42:15
Before the tap water enters the household, it often encounters secondary pollution. The existence of high heavy metals in the groundwater of the old industrial area, the mixing of sediment in the maintenance of the municipal water supply pipeline, the accumulation of sediment in the pipe caused by the water stop of the faucet, the insufficient disinfection of the tap water or the residual chlorine residue, the existence of outdated and neglected management of the living water tower and water tank equipment in the community.  will negatively affect the health of daily drinking water.
To ensure the health of drinking water in the family, it is of course necessary to install a water purifier at home. Before making tea and coffee at home, purified water needs to be poured into a thermostatic pot, and then heated by the thermostatic pot. Often, the water is boiled after being busy, and then forgot to brew. AICKSN has successfully upgraded water purification this time, and the water purifier that can directly produce hot water has finally allowed my family to drink tea and coffee freely.

The magnetic front cover can be easily removed, and the built-in three-in-one PCB+RO filter element can be seen. Different from the design of multiple grading filter elements of traditional water purifiers, the filter elements of this water purifier are made of PP cotton, coconut shell activated carbon, scale-inhibiting polymer materials, and RO reverse osmosis filter elements. A PCB filter and RO filter are required.
Quick installation, the mini body of the barrelless water purifier can reduce the space occupied under the kitchen, and the environment under the kitchen becomes more tidy.
This water purifier has reached a large flux of 600G, and the water production speed has reached 1.5L per minute. There is no need to wait for daily use. Whether it is washing vegetables or cooking, you can quickly get enough water.

The 600G high-flux water production speed is fast, the water receiving speed is fast, and the purified cold water or hot water can be obtained without waiting for a long time.
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