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Founded in 2008, Aicksn has been committed to the treatment and improvement of air, water and environment. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating OEM, ODM and independent brands. The company's R&D team conducted research and analysis on China's environment and water quality. In 2009, a third-generation smart kitchen water purifier suitable for global water quality was developed to improve the drinking water safety of users. Aicksn has always followed the brand culture of "confidence", "conscience" and "grateful heart" to produce healthy and safe domestic water. So far, more than 100 million households around the world are using the services and products provided by Aicksn. For drinking water, food waste disposer, water softening and other products, Aicksn meticulously creates a whole-house intelligent purification solution suitable for Chinese families.
The constant-pressure cruise, high-frequency load, aerospace enclosed technology, combined with scientific and exquisite manufacturing technology created by AILWARYS American experts have pushed the fluid control industry to an unprecedented height and won good praise in the industry!
Aicksn® water purification from pre-filter, central water purifier, central water softener, end microfiltration, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis water purifier, water purification treasure, clean treasure, food waste disposer, instant hot drink machine And other series of products, 365 degrees to care for the drinking health of end users in an all-round way, carefully creating high-quality whole-house purification solutions.
Aicksn will always adhere to the corporate philosophy of "sincerity, professionalism, quality and care", continue to innovate in the field of water purification technology, and continue to pursue high-quality water purification products and high-quality water purification services to achieve customer satisfaction and exceed customer expectations. Create more value for customers, employees, and society, thus becoming a world-class leading water purification brand.

In 2008, Aicksn Technology Co., Ltd. was established, mainly engaged in the development, production and application of high-tech membrane separation technology
In 2008, China Aicksn and Formosa Plastics successfully developed a one-time 360-degree molding mold to prevent water leakage from the water purifier
In 2009, a global sales center was established in the United States, and the Asia Pacific headquarters was established in Xiamen, China
Established 16 branches in the Asia-Pacific region from 2009 to 2016
In 2009, the Asia-Pacific headquarters was established in Xiamen, China, and the world's first design of an overall disposable filter element, leading the water purification industry technology
In 2010, we donated 1,000 sets of drinking water equipment and other materials to the people in the earthquake-stricken area of ​​Yushu, Qinghai.
In 2010, successfully designed the first water purification filter element alarm system, ATS filter element, lead-free faucet, and provided customers with filter replacement solutions
In 2011, invented the disposable and replaceable third-generation smart filter element
Obtained the official aquatic product license approval from the Ministry of Health of China in 2014
In 2014, won the scientific and technological life innovation and development enterprise
Entered the IoT smart device in 2015
In 2015, it obtained the utility model patent certificate for "a water purifier that can quickly replace the filter element and automatically cut off the water" from the State Intellectual Property Office of China
In 2015, won the bid for the water purification project of the central government agency
In 2016, Fubon Property Insurance Co., Ltd. provided a full range of product quality insurance
In 2016, won the 2016 China Top 100 Direct Drinking Water Enterprises
In 2017, it was awarded the top 100 professional water purification brands in China, the top 10 professional water purification brands in the country, the leading quality brand in the national water purification equipment industry, and the national product and service quality integrity model enterprise
In 2018, won the Xiamen Municipal High-tech Enterprise
In 2018, won the bid for the government procurement project of the central government agency again and won the top 10 manufacturing enterprises of China's water purification in 2018
2018 Jointly established the Carbon Materials Research Laboratory with the Chinese Academy of Sciences
In 2018, won the China Internet Marketing Credit Enterprise
2018 Established a doctoral expert group with Fujian Normal University to develop graphene filter materials
2018 Won the real estate bid-Bright Real Estate Water Purification Project
2019 Won the 2019-2021 Xiamen Specialized and Special New Enterprise
In 2019, donated drinking water equipment and materials to the Linxia Charity Association of Gansu Province
In 2019, won the national high-tech enterprise
In 2019, won the Outstanding Contribution Award of Xiamen Membrane Industry Association
2019 Won the bid of real estate---Sinli Real Estate Group's water purification project
Obtained the corporate code of Xiamen Cross-Strait Equity Center in 2019
In 2020, to fight the epidemic, donate 1 million yuan of medical water purification equipment and materials to front-line medical institutions
Obtained IS9001 quality system certification in 2020
Performance engineering
Training Bureau of the State Sports General Administration
Winter Sports Management Center of the State Sports General Administration
Office of the Central Organization Committee
The First Research Institute of the Ministry of Public Security
Xinhua News Agency Agency Affairs Bureau
China International Poverty Alleviation Center
Metallurgical Institution Service Bureau of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council
China Numismatic Museum
Residential Property Management Center, Agency Service Center, State Administration of Work Safety
Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Cancer Hospital
China Opera and Dance Theater
Bureau of Retired Cadres of the State Administration of Work Safety (University for the Elderly)
Beijing Conference and Training Base of the Ministry of Environmental Protection
International Airport Garden Hotel
Chaozhou Jinshan Plastic Office Building
Thailand Junyan Pavilion Bird's Nest Production Base in Shantou
Christian Church Eastern District Meeting House, Joy Hall
Xiamen Customs
Xiamen 92nd Hospital
Fujian Agricultural Bank Training Center
Golden Dragon Coach Company
Fujian Provincial Health Inspection Institute
Xiamen City Market Development and Construction Service Center
Huaqiao University
Chaozhou Telecommunication Bureau Building
Beijing Dayuan Haidian Masterpiece
Royal Ben Thanh Nan'an
Beijing Polylong Villa
Shantou Sunshine Coast Villa
Fragrant Waterfront--Perfume Shore Villa
Baihua Garden, Qingdao City, Shandong Province
Sino-German Commonwealth
City Garden, Chongchuan District, Nantong City, Jiangsu
East of Guangsha Waterfront, Shaanxi Province
Phoenix Laiyin Garden, Chongchuan District, Nantong City, Jiangsu
Xinjiang Hengyu--Xiangyue Mansion
Xinxing Garden, Changsha City, Hunan
Tianjin Heping Family New Garden
Faculty Building of Sichuan Normal University
CITIC Mansion, Chenghai, Shantou

Aicksn brand strategy
1. Brand positioning:
Professional and trustworthy. "Becoming the leader of the water purification industry" is Aicksn's role positioning. Aicksn pursues professional standards in terms of products/materials/personnel/services, and hopes to leave a professional brand imprint in the hearts of customers.
2. The core value of the brand:
With high-quality water purification products and high-quality water purification services, Aicksn provides customers with safe and healthy drinking water and creates a safe and clean water life.
3. Brand proposition:
Deep clean water, drink with confidence. Aicksn focuses on the terminal deep purification of drinking water, professionally provides deep water purification products and services for families and units, and provides safe and healthy drinking water for customers to use with confidence.
Aicksn corporate culture
1. Strategic vision:
With leading water purification technology, excellent product quality and assured water purification services, we strive to become a leader in the global water purification industry and serve all mankind.
2. Corporate mission:
Use professional services to create a healthy and safe water purification life for end users.
3. Corporate philosophy:
Sincere, professional, high-quality care
Sincerity: We treat each other sincerely based on facts
Profession: We are good at work
Quality: We pursue to provide customers with quality services
Care: We are committed to creating better value for customers, employees and society
4. The core values ​​of the company:
Care for career, conscience for career, grateful heart for career deep water purification, rest assured to drink. Aicksn focuses on the terminal deep purification of drinking water, professionally provides deep water purification products and services for families and units, and provides safe and healthy drinking water for customers to use with confidence.
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