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Aicksn water purifier: water purification for the whole house is essential under the epidemic

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Update time : 2022-06-27 14:31:26
With the growth of people's wealth and the emphasis on quality of life, the quality requirements of the home are getting higher and higher, and the quality of the home that is comfortable, healthy, energy-saving and environmentally friendly. A lot of investment and energy is spent on decoration. However, in the decoration process, people often pay attention to the visible places such as space design, style and appearance, and ignore the invisible elements such as air and water. Especially under the epidemic, health factors must be the first choice for decoration, but most people ignore the importance of healthy drinking water and water.
The first step of decoration, clean water first
The first step before decoration, we must consider the concept of water purification first, and arrange water purification for the whole house in advance. However, many families only care about drinking water, but the disease is not only from the mouth, harmful substances in the water can also enter our body through the skin and respiratory tract. In addition to drinking water, the health of water in cooking, washing, bathing and other scenes in life is also worthy of attention. Therefore, the whole-house water purification system should be included in the planning during decoration to fully ensure the health of drinking water and water after the family moves in. At the same time, it protects and prolongs the service life of water-related appliances, reduces after-sales troubles and after-sales costs, and truly enjoys a healthier, more comfortable, more energy-saving and more environmentally friendly home quality life.

With the emergence
of the new model of "home improvement + whole house water purification" and people's pursuit of health and quality of life, people's demand for water purifiers has changed from selective to today's necessary choices, and product selection has also changed from low-end to high-quality , high-end conversion. The new concept of "home decoration, water and electricity first" has penetrated into the home improvement industry. Consumers only need one-stop service, from the front-end decoration design, the design of the whole house water purification pipe, to the subsequent layout, every detail must be considered. As for the whole-house water purification solution, Aicksn has developed a whole-house purification design scheme for consumers covering whole-house drinking water, large quantities of water, and softened water for washing. The entrance will visualize the whole house drinking water and water usage scenarios. That is to say, before the user needs decoration, the design will leave a port for the whole house drinking water and water purification system, so as to install the  Aicksn whole house purification system. Prepare water equipment.

Waterway layout instructions and matching scheme of whole house water purification system
Aicksn whole house water purification installation process
Step 1: Project selection
After confirming the installation of whole-house water purification, make an appointment for an engineer to come to the door in advance before starting the decoration, and conduct a survey and test on the site conditions of the decoration house, the direction of the pipeline, the water pressure conditions at the entrance, and the water quality of the local water source. Quantity and water usage (cycle and peak usage) determine whole-house water purification equipment models.
Step 2: Project Design
After starting the decoration, in the process of designing the drawings of the decoration company, you should contact the  Aicksn water purification engineer and the designer to communicate with the designer on the installation size, installation conditions, installation location, and piping requirements, and let the designer determine the installation location of each equipment. Make marking instructions in the drawing.
Step 3: Hydro Layout
In the process of hydropower renovation, the  Aicksn water purification engineer will guide the hydropower decoration master on site, confirm the diameter and location of the reserved water outlet, and confirm the position of the corresponding power panel. Note that before the hydropower construction is completed and all the pipelines are not backfilled, the engineer should come to the door again to check to confirm whether the pipeline layout and the position of the power supply meet the installation requirements.
Step 4: Approach Installation
Whole house water purification equipment generally enters the site at the later stage of the decoration and carpentry stage. When unpacking, the owner is mainly present and accompanied by the physical inspection and confirmation. Before installation, the decoration company should be reminded to protect the equipment and avoid damage. After all the hard installation processes are completed, before starting the layout of the soft installation, you can make an appointment with an  Aicksn water purification engineer to install the whole house water purification equipment. Be careful not to pass the water immediately after the installation is completed.
Step 5: Device Commissioning
After the decoration is completed, the ventilation is completed, and the official check-in is completed, contact the  Aicksn water purification engineer to come to the door to conduct water supply, installation and finishing work on the water purification equipment, and pay attention to check whether each equipment leaks. The engineer will guide the user after debugging the equipment. use to ensure the continued normal operation of the equipment.
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