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Do we need to install a household water purification system

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Update time : 2021-10-27 11:44:33
Water purification system is a relatively common infrastructure in modern home decoration. These water purification equipment range from hundreds, thousands to tens of thousands of yuan, so are these water purification equipment really effective? After all, in our eyes, the filtering effect of a water purifier is difficult to see intuitively. Will we be deceived? Now I will talk about the topic of "Household Water Purification System"!

1. Home water purification equipment and functions?
Water purification equipment suitable for ordinary households are: pre-filter, water softener and reverse osmosis water purifier. The functions of these water purification equipment are also completely different. Let me introduce them separately.

The pre-filter is mainly used to filter some large impurities such as sand, rust, etc., to prevent these impurities from entering the household water pipes, causing the water pipes to block or damage the washing machine, water heater and other equipment. I have personally experienced this. I have a house for more than 10 years. Old house, and the main water supply pipe is an iron pipe, there is already serious rust inside, and then the water pipe in the house is blocked by the rust over time.

Then when I was refurbishing the renovation, I had to replace the water pipe, and installed a pre-filter to filter the rust impurities in the water pipe to prevent the water pipe from being blocked again and causing unnecessary losses.
The cost of the pre-filter is about 400-1000 yuan. I personally strongly recommend that you install it. After all, if the water pipe is blocked, then the cost will be too great for maintenance.

②Water softener
The term "hard water" is a concept that I came into contact with when I was in junior high school. Hard water is the water that contains high calcium and magnesium ions. Hard water has a lot of impact on life-in terms of health, it is easy to cause stones in people; in terms of life, it is When washing clothes, it is difficult for the laundry detergent to produce bubbles, and it is difficult to clean the clothes, and then the electrical appliances and water pipes are also easy to deposit scale, which affects the life of the water heater and washing machine.
The water softener can filter the calcium and magnesium ions in the water, avoiding the damage of the accumulation of scale in the electrical appliances, avoiding the difficulty of washing the clothes, and avoiding the accumulation of dirt and whiteness in the faucet and wash basin. My life in Guangdong is less affected by hard water, so I don’t have a water softener in my home. The northwestern region should be affected more by hard water. If you feel that hard water has a big impact, it is recommended to install a water softener.

③Reverse osmosis water purifier
Reverse osmosis water purifiers can filter residual chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides, bacteria and other substances in the water. The purified water quality reaches the standard for direct drinking, so this type of water purifier is also called direct drinking water purifier.
If your home is used to drinking boiled tap water, then I personally recommend that you install a reverse osmosis water purifier; if you are used to branded bottled water or mineral water, then install a reverse osmosis water purifier It doesn't matter if you don't install it.

2. Is it necessary to install the water purification system?
The first is the pre-filter. I have experienced clogged water pipes before installing the pre-filter.
The second is the reverse osmosis water purifier. Before the water purifier is installed, my kettle will have a lot of scale after being used for a period of time. And the glass cold kettle is placed in a place with strong sunlight, and you can clearly see the impurities in the water. , And after installing the water purifier, these phenomena never happened again.
As for the water softener, because my home is in the south, "the water is not hard enough", so it is not installed, but the softening effect of hard water can be simply compared with the washing powder. There are few hard water bubbles, and the softened water will be affected when it meets the washing powder. There are many bubbles.

▲The same amount of water + the same amount of washing powder, the hard water bubbles are obviously less than ordinary water.

In summary, a household water purification system is still necessary. My current plan is a combination of pre-filter + reverse osmosis water purifier. According to the family’s living habits and the tap water situation in the area, you can choose to install the family. Water purification system.
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