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The future development trend of smart home appliances

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Update time : 2021-11-26 11:53:26
With the development of science and technology, the improvement of economic conditions, and the younger generation of consumer groups in the home appliance market, the main direction of the future development of the home appliance industry must be energy conservation, environmental protection, intelligence and safety. In the future, the intelligentization of home appliances is the general trend. The future development of smart home appliances will cover all kinds of home appliances, making home appliances more high-end, fashionable and personalized. Let's learn more about the development of smart home appliances.
Future development trend of home appliances

1. The development trend of home appliances in the future

1. High-end

The mainstream consumer of home appliances is getting younger, and the smart and high-end home appliances will also become the future development trend. Nowadays, smart TVs have become fashionable in the market. Almost all TVs in home appliance hypermarkets have been labeled "smart". In addition to the variety of functions, the affordable prices are also widely accepted by consumers. However, in the past, many home appliance manufacturers have released their own smart home appliances. Taking refrigerators as an example, it is no longer a simple refrigeration and freezing. Intelligent, high-end and large-capacity lead the market development trend. . Various refrigerator companies are also constantly improving their product lines, stepping up technological innovation, and launching more functional high-end refrigerators.

2. Intelligent

At present, intelligence has become a major trend in the development of the home appliance industry. Smart phones, smart TVs, smart refrigerators, smart washing machines...With the development of information technology, more and more smart home appliances are "coming into the house". In this context, the domestic industry standard for smart home appliances-the "General Principles of Intelligent Technology for Smart Home Appliances" came into being, which clearly defines a number of indicators for smart home appliances. The implementation of the "General Principles" will guide the development of smart home appliances to a certain extent, standardize the order of the industry, and encourage enterprises to truly produce smart home appliances in accordance with the relevant technical general principles. The implementation of this general rule also provides consumers with the simplest decision-making reference for purchasing smart home appliances.

3. Healthy

Today, when more and more attention is paid to health, consumers hope to build a fresh, natural and healthy living environment at home. Under the stimulation of strong demand, the concept of "health" and "green" will become an important factor in the innovation and growth of the home appliance industry. direction.

2. The future development direction of smart home appliances

Whether home appliances can be truly intelligent is related to the quality of the entire smart home system. The development of smart home appliances can be carried out in accordance with spiritual culture, life safety, quality of life, and kitchen convenience.

1. Life is safe

Mainly air conditioners, air purifiers and water purifiers that provide drinking water to improve the quality of the room environment. In recent years, both air pollution caused by smog or drinking water pollution caused by over-development of water sources have threatened people's health. Corresponding products that can reduce air and drinking water pollution will gradually evolve into necessities of home life.

2. Quality of life

It relieves people's heavy housework, mainly including washing machines and dryers that replace manually cleaning clothes, and smart home appliances such as robots that replace people's cleaning. By sharing people's housework, while removing people's housework, it also frees up time for people to enjoy life, thereby improving people's quality of life.

3. Convenient kitchen and bathroom

Mainly to facilitate people to deal with cooking tools, kitchen environment and bathroom equipment, etc. Cooking tools include rice cookers, microwave ovens, induction cookers, soymilk machines, water purifiers, etc. Kitchen environment equipment includes range hoods, exhaust fans, disinfection cabinets, and dishwashing The bathroom equipment includes water heaters, electronic toilets, deodorizers, etc. Kitchen and bathroom convenience appliances are mainly concentrated in kitchen and bathroom appliances and small household appliances. Its important feature is to facilitate people's lives and even enhance the joy of life.

4. Spiritual culture

Mainly refers to audio-visual equipment, including smart TV, high-end audio, the function is to gather family popularity and information exchange, as well as viewing arts and entertainment, self-entertainment platform, especially smart TV, and will even become the future home smart interchange control platform.
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