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Which is better, Pentair water purifier and Ecowater water purifier?

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Update time : 2021-10-22 11:07:41
Pentair and Ecowater water purifiers are well-known American water purifier brands. Pentair and Ecowater water purifiers have always been compared? Today, we will compare the development history, product appearance, brand effect, water quality and other aspects of these two brands, and also make reference for users who are struggling to choose Pentair and Ecowater water purifiers. Let's take a look!

How about Pentair water purifier?
How about Pentair water purifier?
Pentair has 86 years of professional water treatment experience. It was established in the United States as early as 1966. It was even more forward-looking. In 1984, when the domestic concept of water use was still rather thin, it entered the Chinese market early. And established a research and development center in China. As an imported brand with old qualifications, Pentair has realized local production in China early, and the production cost has been greatly reduced. Domestic consumers can also enjoy the first-class international quality water purification experience at a more affordable price.

How about Ecowater Water Purifier?
How about Ecowater Water Purifier?
Ecowater Water Purifier was born in 1925 and has a 95-year history of water purification. Since Ecowater Water Purification entered the Chinese market in 2007, it has attached great importance to the construction and creation of consumption scenarios in channels. As a category that emphasizes experience, Ecowater Water Purification firmly believes that whether it is the integration of online and offline, or in the near future under the acceleration of big data, channels are still an important link between brands and consumers, and they occupy the minds of consumers. One of the core means.

1. Compare from the appearance of the product

All of them are compact and space-saving designs, with smart screens set on the narrow sides.

The shape of the Pentair water purifier is a box-shaped design, and the overall look is full of high quality

The Ecowater water purifier has a top arc design with convex and concave lines on the side, which makes it feel comfortable.

2.From the brand point of view

Both belong to mid-to-high-end brands, and while Pentair is more inclusive of consumers in terms of price, its water treatment expertise is still in line with the mid-to-high-end people's pursuit of quality of life.

Pentair's deep cultivation in the professional field has many leading technologies, such as filtration system technology, exquisite fuselage structure technology, and control valve technology that can be used in central water purifiers/softeners. It also holds a number of patents. Technology and brand strength are well-known.

Ecowater water purifier brand has a strong background, professionalism in the field of water purification, strong research and development strength, and high reputation and reputation. As the initiator of the concept of "Four Steps of Water Purification in the Whole House", it has always been the direction of the brand's continuous efforts to achieve a leap-forward improvement in the quality of life of national water with professional products and excellent services. Favored by many consumers. Now there are many franchise stores in major cities in China, and the prospects for development are very good.

3.Compare from the water quality

At the same time, use a glass cup to directly collect the water from the faucet. There is no impurities in the visual inspection, and the water is transparent and clear; there is no fishy feeling after the entrance, no residual chlorine and other peculiar smells. Compared with the Ecowater water purifier, the water quality of Pentair is imported. The throat is moist, slightly sweet, suitable for making tea and cooking, and both are first-class water efficiency, economical and environmentally friendly.

Comprehensive evaluation: Comparing the two products of the same type, they are both convenient, space-saving and intelligent water purifier products. As both brands of professional water purification, they have their own advantages in technology.
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