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Why are small appliances loved by young people

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Update time : 2021-12-04 16:03:48
Small appliances refer to appliances other than high-power output appliances, which occupy relatively small power resources and have a small body. They mainly include food preparation appliances, cooking appliances, household environment appliances, personal care appliances, etc. This year, with the outbreak of the "home economy", more young people are keen to buy small new home appliances that are small and full of individuality. As a result, small appliances in the provincial capital electrical market have become the mainstream consumer.

In the era of intelligence, we can find an endless stream of innovative electrical appliances equipped with key core technologies and disruptive technologies. Folding screen mobile phones, full-screen mobile phones, etc. continue to break through the "view" world, creating a strong performance future; fresh air air conditioners, partition washing machines, low-sugar rice cookers, etc. lead the new healthy fashion; home projectors, noise-reducing headphones, high-end notebooks are recreating the top of performance... These new electrical appliances and new categories have accelerated the "breaking the circle", injecting fresh blood into the electrical industry, and let everyone find their own "true love".

At the same time, as the younger generation has gradually become the main force of consumption, the electrical appliance industry has entered a new wave of consumption upgrades, which has also given birth to more new consumer trends. This year, high-quality, high-value, cost-effective, green and healthy small home appliances have become a new trend in the development of the provincial capital home appliance market.

home appliances
Household appliances and small kitchen appliances are most favored by consumers

Breakfast machines, health pots, coffee machines, juicers, sweeping robots, water purifiers... Into the public's field of vision, the colorful and different forms of small appliances make people shine. This year, Northland Electric's small household appliances for personal care, kitchen health and health cleaning products ushered in a wave of high growth.

In 2021, the sales scale of Beiguo Electric's small home appliances will reach 200 million yuan, and the customer unit price will increase by about 9% year-on-year, and the sales proportion will be flat year-on-year. Household appliances and small kitchen appliances are still the two sub-categories that account for the largest proportion. Small household appliances for personal care have increased significantly, and upstarts such as clothes dryers, scrubbers, and dishwashers are rising rapidly.

According to reports, due to the awakening of personal health awareness due to the normalization of the epidemic, the segmentation and excavation of small home appliances into a single professional market is an important reason for the popularity of such products.

The editor believes that the development of the national small home appliance industry is shifting from category wars to scene wars, and new species of kitchen and balcony scenes are emerging one after another. In the face of many uncertainties, breaking the inherent category consumption pattern, looking for a growth curve in the inventory, and constructing a home-experienced consumption scene will become the new normal for household appliance consumption in the country.

With the growth of people in the new era, the aggregation of users is constantly changing. Based on different value cognitions such as "ancient country tide", "two-dimensional", "soft cute" and "exquisite poor", the formation of a unique circle economy is taking shape. Correspondingly, in the original basic demands of intelligence, health, fashion, convenience, and elimination, interest behaviors such as appearance and home will also have a profound impact on the development of the small home appliance industry.

Small appliances make many young people love it

This year, the small home appliance industry has entered a stage of diversified, refined, and intelligent innovative development. High-quality, high-value, cost-effective, and healthy life have become a new trend in the development of the small home appliance industry.

Air fryers, vegetable washing machines, breakfast machines, sweeping robots, air purifiers, electric kettles, heated lunch boxes... these small and full-featured new small household appliances have actually improved consumers' happiness. Not only do they have an exquisite appearance, they are also compact and practical. There is a new wave among young consumer groups, which makes many young people love it.

"For example, this air fryer is a gospel for dieters. You can grill chicken wings and French fries. Don't worry about over-frying. You can even bake sweet potatoes. You can make delicious and crispy food without deep frying." The convenient and easy-to-use "one-person" breakfast machine with small appliances is very popular with consumers, especially those who are in school. Breakfast can be done in a few minutes, which is convenient and time-saving. There are also automatic cleaning and breaking machines that conform to the "lazy economy", convenient and quick ovens, etc., which are all hot-selling products of Gome.

Based on the long-term perspective, the small home appliance market has very large room for growth, and there is endless excavability. Relevant staff of Hebei Gome said that Gome is also in the field of meeting consumer needs, actively tapping new growth points, forming innovation momentum, and providing consumers with more convenient, smarter and more environmentally friendly small home appliances.

"Lazy economy" has given birth to small household appliances that have become the mainstream of consumption

With the development of "lazy economy" and "home economy", the suction, drag and wash integrated machine is very popular. On the one hand, because more consumers pay more attention to the intelligence, integration, and convenience of small home appliances to improve the quality of life; on the other hand, this year's scrubber has a high-value body, which is convenient for disassembly and washing, and it is catching up with the straight Drops, spikes, and gifts activities have become one of the most concerned products of consumers.

According to reports, with the upgrading of consumption and consumers' demand for high-quality home appliances, the sales of vacuum cleaners and hair dryers also increased by 224% year-on-year. At the same time, the micro steaming and roasting integrated machine conforms to the mainstream aesthetics of young people, and the multi-function integration is extremely cost-effective, which is very popular among working people.

According to the "Double Eleven" Household Appliances Consumption Upgrade Report released by Xinhua Finance, during the "Double Eleven" period, the overall trend in the demand for home appliances and home furnishings during the "Double Eleven" period has shown greater emphasis on high-end quality, convenience for lazy people, one-stop shopping and Scene experience.

Data shows that Suning.com’s online and offline high-end home appliances sales increased by 186% year-on-year, and integrated appliances such as washing and drying, steaming and baking, and dragging and washing increased by 215% year-on-year. Mainstream consumption.

future development:

"Fast" life spawns more high-quality and high-value small appliances

A few days ago, JD.com, JD.com Consumer and Industrial Development Research Institute and Xinhuanet Big Data Center released the "2021 China Electrical Appliances New Consumption Report", which provided a multi-dimensional insight into the development and consumption trends of China's electrical appliance industry in 2021.

The "Report" pointed out that with the growth of new products nowadays, with the increasing demand for personalized and scene-oriented consumer segments, the use of floor scrubbers, home projectors, noise-reducing headphones, high-end notebooks, folding screen mobile phones, and super flash chargers Innovative electrical products represented by mobile phones are also ushering in a new round of outbreaks. Take sweeping robots as an example. According to the data of JD.com, "sweeping and dragging robots", "washing and mopping all-in-one machine" and "floor scrubbing machines" continue to be hot searches under JD.com's home appliance category. In the first three quarters of 2021, JD. The sales of "robots" increased by more than 75% year-on-year, and the consumption of floor scrubbers in 3-6 tier cities accounted for more than 60%. Related categories continued to be intelligently upgraded to continuously improve user experience.

According to the analysis in the "Report", in the wave of consumption upgrades, consumers' demand for personalization, comfort and convenience is increasing. The domestic consumer market as a whole is showing a fast-paced state, and consumers are paying more and more attention to the "fast" life. Therefore, small household appliances are favored by young people.

It is not difficult to see that high-quality, high-value, cost-effective, green and healthy small household appliances have become a new trend in the development of electrical appliances. On the one hand, driven by the demand for consumption upgrades, small home appliance companies continue to optimize and upgrade their original products, and the design of small home appliances is moving in the direction of modern concepts such as high-quality, high-value, and healthy life; on the other hand, with 80, 90 The post-crowd has gradually become the main force of emerging consumers, and consumers have become more willing to buy small home appliances with high cost performance, high quality and high reputation. The integration of high-quality, high-value, cost-effective, and healthy elements has become a new trend in the development of the small home appliance industry.

With the grading of consumption, the positioning of small home appliances will be further differentiated, and cost-effective small home appliances will become mainstream products. Consumption classification represents the preferences of consumers in different circles. The mainstream population still prefers cost-effective products, and the main sales of small household appliances in the overall market are still concentrated on cost-effective products. In the future, small home appliances with high cost performance will be more capable of seizing market share.

Industry analysis:

The small home appliance industry ushered in a golden development cycle

With the accelerated evolution of the demand-side consumption upgrade trend and the accelerated changes in the generations of consumer groups, as well as the innovative changes in supply-side products, channels, and marketing, coupled with the catalysis of the epidemic last year, the small home appliance industry has ushered in a golden development cycle.

In addition to quality issues, in the post-epidemic era, health issues are also the focus of everyone's attention. Many small home appliances have been explored and researched in this direction, and the sterilization function has even become a standard configuration of home appliances.

According to relevant statistics, the current "home economy" and "lazy economy" have spawned more frequent and more attractive small appliances. Whether it is cooking food, doing housework or relaxing body massage, people are really beginning to spend more time and effort. In order to enhance a better life, the quality consumption upgrade of small household appliances is speeding up in an all-round way. The fast-paced modern living environment allows consumers to have a more intuitive perception of "efficiency improvement". Consumers pay more attention to the functions of small home appliances and focus on the "remote" and "smart" efficiency enhancement functions.

To this end, industry insiders said that the future development of small home appliances is bound to be more energy-efficient, more environmentally friendly, smarter, safer, smaller and more refined.
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