Air Purifier AICKSN-OLS-A3A

The main function of the air purifier: to purify pollen, PM2.5, dust, second-hand smoke, and peculiar smell.

Appearance specifications
1. Host size: 325*172*510mm
2. Case: ABS, acrylic cover
3. Outer packaging: independent packaging

Eleven functions:
①The initial effect filter
②Activated carbon filter
③HEPA filter
④Negative ion purification (customized)
⑤ Three-speed wind speed adjustment
⑥Automatic mode purification
⑦Timed purification
⑧Child lock function
⑨APP control operation (customized)
⑩Filter replacement reminder function
⑪Power off protection when opening the cover (customized)

Product parameter
Working method: intelligent purification
Particulate clean air volume (CADR): 200m³/h
Rated voltage: 220V
Frequency: 50Hz
CADR value of formaldehyde: 100m³/h (customized)
Rated power: 40W purification
Power to be determined: ≤2W
Noise: the lowest level (30dB(A)) the highest level (57dB(A))
Motor type: plastic package DC motor
Power cord length: 1.8~2.0(m)
Practical area: 8-24 square meters

Purification method
Filter type purification
The first layer: primary filter (washable) to filter out dust and lint
The second layer of activated carbon absorbs harmful substances such as PM2.5 and second-hand smoke
The third layer of HEPA filter filters PM2.5, smoke, dust, etc.
The fourth layer anion purification (optional)

● Purify pollen, PM2.5, dust, second-hand smoke, and peculiar smell.

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