Food Waste Disposer AICKSN-A81

Meet a variety of food waste disposal needs, and easily deal with food waste in daily life.
Product model: AICKSN-A81
Motor speed: 4000RPM
Motor type: permanent magnet DC
Rated power: 375W
Voltage: 220V
Frequency: 50/60HZ
Current: 2.25A
Sound insulation system: full sound insulation
Decibel: 70dB
Overload device: overload protection
Body size: 220*410mm
Gross weight: 5.4KG
Flange sink: 90mm
Lid: plastic water plug
Impeller blade: stainless steel
Grinding ring: overall
Turntable: stainless steel
Grinding chamber volume: 1000ML
Grinding system: stainless steel
Home Warranty Period: 3 years
Applicable number: 3-5 people


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