Industrial water treatment accessories manual softening valve 61210 (N64D)

Manual softening valve is a manual control device in water treatment equipment.
Model N64D61210
Handwheel material Plastic
Mount type Top mount / side mount
Inlet/outlet 2"M
Drain 1"M
Brine line connector 1/2"M
Mounting base 2.5"-8NPSM
Riser pipe 1.5"D-GB
Flow rate 10m³/h
Filter tank 10"--30"
Water pressure 0.15-0.6Mpa
Water temperature 5-50
Water turbidity Down-flow regeneration5FTU
Application Ion exchange equipment, water softener for boiler system,RO pretreatment system
N64D Manual Multiport Softener Control Valves
The N64D manual multiport softener control valve delivers a flow rate of 10m³/h. The valve is able to carry out the functions of service, backwash, brine and slow rinsing, brine refill, and fast rinsing through the rotation of the handwheel.
Product Characteristics
  • Simple structure and reliable sealing
It adopts hermetic head faces with high degree pottery and corrosion resistance for opening and closing. It combines with Service, Backwash, Brine & Slow Rinse, Brine Refill and Fast Rinse.
  • No water pass the valve of single tank type in regeneration.
  • Various methods for installation
The valve can be top-mounted and side-mounted (Should be used with the side-mounted connector).
  • Handle alternatives: Metal and plastic

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