Ultrafiltration UF membranes 2860 2880

Ultrafiltration Membrane module 2860/2880, hollow fiber membranes, equivalent to SFP-2860/2880

 Ultrafiltration UF membranes 2860 2880

The RUNMO Ultrafiltration (UF) modules are made from high strength, hollow fiber membranes that have excellent features and benefits:

• 0.03 µm nominal pore diameter for removal of bacteria, viruses, and particulates including colloids for downstream processes like RO
• PVDF polymeric hollow fibers for high strength and chemical resistance allows long membrane life
• Hydrophilic PVDF fibers for easy cleaning and wettability that help maintain long term performance
• Outside In flow configuration for high tolerance to feed solids that help reduce the need for pretreatment processes

• U-PVC housing, helping to eliminate the need for costly pressure vessels


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