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It’s winter, pure water still has this magical effect

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Update time : 2021-11-23 11:45:37
The weather is getting colder, and as the cold air hits one after another, the pace of winter is getting closer and closer, and it is the season of putting me more cool into the socks. Although the temperature has turned colder, Aicksn's enthusiasm for service is not diminished. Here is a special reminder: you must keep warm when cooling down, pay attention to clothing to prevent influenza, take care of winter health and exercise, and be strong and healthy!

In the cold and dry winter, in addition to down jackets, hot water bottles, and heaters, the pure water machine is also an "artifact" for wintering. What are its magical effects? Let's take a look at it below.

Pure water machine + humidifier, moisturizing and healthy
 Pure water machine
The climate is dry in winter. In order to maintain comfort and health, and to prevent low air humidity from accelerating the reproduction of bacteria and viruses, many people use humidifiers in their homes and offices. The choice of the water source of the humidifier is actually very important. If the water is filled with tap water, the microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses in the water, calcium and magnesium ions, heavy metal ions, residual chlorine, organic pollutants and other impurities will also be atomized and diffused by the humidifier. In the air, it is very easy to cause respiratory diseases in the human body.

Compared with tap water, purified water is extremely purified and contains almost no impurities. It is a natural fit with humidifiers. Many manufacturers recommend adding purified water in the operating instructions.

Wash your face with pure water, gentle and not irritating
In winter, some skin problems will occur more or less, such as redness, dryness, scaling, and roughness. The skin is especially sensitive at this time, so it needs more gentle care. Use tap water to wash your face and clean, the residual chlorine in the water can cause irritation to the already sensitive skin and even aggravate skin problems. In contrast, purified water is more gentle, can better help the skin moisturizing and hydrating, it is a natural beauty recipe.

Pure water + soy milk machine, nourishment without harming the machine
Before going out every morning, drinking a cup of warm soy milk at home to start a day full of vitality with warmth is a great blessing in winter. Many families use soymilk machines to make soy milk. They pay more attention to the quality of soybeans, but ignore that water is also an important factor in determining the quality of soy milk. Purified water is an important prerequisite for making a cup of fragrant and mellow soy milk.

In addition, many soymilk machines now have a no-wash function. The use of tap water can easily cause scaling inside the machine, which affects the performance and the flavor of the soymilk produced.

At the end of the inventory, pure water is so useful in winter. Do you feel full of happiness even if you have Aicksn?

Don’t worry if you haven't installed a water purifier at home. Just take advantage of the beginning of winter, just a phone call, delivery and installation, we will immediately arrange for you, let us help you spend a moist winter!
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