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What are the reasons for the pollution of pure water equipment?

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Update time : 2021-11-24 14:29:34
There are several explanations for the pollution of pure water equipment: the pure water source of this equipment is the effluent of urban tap water after ultrafiltration. The water quality is ideal, but some fungi reproduce by spores. Although municipal tap water has been chlorinated and disinfected before ultrafiltration, some fungal spores may be in a state of suspended animation and enter reverse osmosis. Reducing agent is added to the reverse osmosis inlet pipe to remove residual chlorine in the water. There is no oxidizing bactericide in the pipeline from the reverse osmosis feed water pump to the reverse osmosis outlet water, which creates good living conditions for other microorganisms such as anaerobic fungi, so that they can multiply rapidly in these parts.

The front-mounted safety filter of the pure water equipment is the filtering equipment before reverse osmosis, with a filtering accuracy of only 5m, which has a strong ability to intercept pollutants. When the intercepted material gathers together, it becomes an ideal environment for microorganisms to multiply. Other similar equipment also has many cases where foreign matter inside the safety filter affects the pure water equipment. Fungi-like substances enter the reverse osmosis body with the influent, and multiply inside the reverse osmosis, which affects the operation of the equipment.

1. Location selection of pure water equipment: The water softener must be placed on a firm level ground, and the distance from the drain is good. The distance from the boiler and other heat sources must be greater than 3m, and it is also forbidden to approach acidic liquids or gases. If additional water treatment equipment is needed, place should be reserved.

2. Regarding the location of the recovery salt tank and resin:

It should be placed as close to the exchange column as possible. In order to make full use of the salt solution, try to shorten the size of the salt-absorbing plastic tube.

3. About filling quartz sand and resin:

(1) To ensure uniform water distribution, try to spread 150~200mm high-quality quartz sand on the bottom of the exchange column.

Then fill with resin and check the length and suitability of the intermediate riser.

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